Baker's Cyst Drainage

Large Baker's Cyst - posterior knee (before aspiration) Baker's Cyst - after aspiration (between cross hairs). A total of 15cc of fluid was aspirated from this cyst. Steroid is injected in the residual cystic area to prevent re-formation.


We do this procedure for Baker's cysts which can occur in the back of the knee.

These can cause pain, reduced range of motion and pressure. They can also rupture causing significant knee pain and inflammation.

Because of the major blood vessels and nerves that pass through this area, it is highly recommended to do this procedure under ultrasound guidance to ensure your safety.

After injection local anesthetic for your comfort, a needle is passed into the Baker's Cyst under ultrasound guidance for your safety, and the fluid is aspirated (sucked) out, causing the cyst to be completely drained. To prevent the cyst from re-forming, steroids are injected into the remaining cystic tissue.


You should continue aggressive physiotherapy after this procedure.


Please contact our Clinic for further details.

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